Our Story

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Founded in July 2016, the Asylum Seeker Assistance Project (ASAP) was established to address a longstanding service gap affecting an estimated 50,000 asylum seekers living in the D.C. Metro region. Despite the large number of asylum seekers living in our community, prior to ASAP’s founding, a central organization did not exist to provide asylum seekers with accurate information, services or support. Asylum seekers were left to navigate a convoluted legal process on their own while many of their basic needs were left unmet.  But ASAP is working to change this.

Today, ASAP employs an interdisciplinary service model that combines social work, employment, and community engagement programming to address client needs and promote individual self-sufficiency. Our holistic services are not available by any other community provider in the region. By partnering with local immigration legal service providers, ASAP provides an unmatched continuum of care demonstrated to increase the likelihood of a successful legal outcome. Our goal is to empower asylum seekers to rebuild their lives in the U.S. with dignity and purpose.