Who We Serve

ASAP works with asylum seekers from all over the world who are united by their shared belief in American freedom and values.

Our clients became targets in their countries of origin because of their work to advance the principles that define America: democratic governance, women’s rights, ethnic and racial equality, religious freedom, LGBTQ rights, and free speech. We work with doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientists, engineers, journalists, small business owners, religious clergy, community organizers, and students among others. 

Although most asylum seekers arrive to the U.S. with few resources, ASAP is founded on the principle that our clients also come with knowledge, skills, and expertise to contribute to their new community. Our job as an organization is to connect clients to opportunities so they may reach their full potential.

Client Stories: #HumansofASAP

The #HumansofASAP series was launched in 2018 on ASAP’s Facebook page to portray the diversity and humanity of asylum seekers. Click below to explore the various client stories:

I was an ASAP client but now I’m a volunteer. The biggest thing for me was that ASAP helped me to connect with people. There were so many many people that inspired me. Everyone was like: ‘You can do this!’ The staff are like a part of my family. ASAP gave me a community that I can call upon whenever I need. Having been a client at ASAP, I felt like it was only logical to give back to the place where I got so much from.